The Versatility of Programmatic: How the Agriculture Sector is Thriving with WS and StackAdapt

Leveraging programmatic advertising in any category or vertical can be a phenomenal way to reach new audiences, provide targeted messaging at scale, and expand your marketing efforts.


Join us for a live discussion with WS, a Canadian marketing agency, that found success within the agricultural sector to provide their clients with stellar results using programmatic advertising.

Webinar Description

Thursday, July 22nd at 1-2 PM ET

When marketers are tasked with creating effective digital campaigns at scale, it can be a challenge to promote organizations in niche industries that have traditionally lived offline.

WS, an integrated marketing agency based in Canada, are experts in planning, strategizing, and executing niche campaigns for their clients using StackAdapt as their programmatic DSP of choice. 

In this webinar, you will be joined by the team at WS and StackAdapt for an open discussion about the programmatic landscape. You’ll learn not only how programmatic created new opportunities for the agriculture sector, but how they are thriving in the ecosystem. Their success showcases the power of programmatic and how the same principles can be applied across various industries facing the same challenges as WS’ clients.

What we will cover:

  • How WS found success using programmatic advertising with their clients in the agricultural sector
  • Improving your connection with your audience through targeted and scalable ads
  • The advantages of partnering with a DSP that can advertise across different channels all from within one platform

The Speakers

Dimitri Perdicaris

Sales Director at StackAdapt

Dimitri kickstarted his digital marketing career in AdOps at Yellow Pages where he executed programmatic campaigns for 200+ SMBs across Canada. Since joining StackAdapt in 2018, he's worn multiple hats across different functions and now works on sales and strategy. His favorite part of the role? Strategizing with client partners to deliver the best possible outcome for the end-client.

Maz Tannir

Media Director at WS

Maz uses 26+ years of experience to effectively develop, negotiate and tailor media strategies to align with marketing goals. He is adept at incorporating research and analytics, and finding patterns that allow different media to work together.

Anup Patel

Director, Performance at WS

With an MBA from York University and over five years experience in marketing, Anup is highly skilled in brand strategy, data strategy and web analytics. When he’s not crunching data, he often wonders about baby carrots — and where their parents are.