Keeping Voters Well-Informed: What Advertisers Need to Know Ahead of the 2020 Election

Thursday, March 5th, 1:00pm to 1:45pm ET

Did you know…

  • Political ad campaigns are predicted to spend more than twice as much on digital advertising than the 2018 election
  • 1/3 of voters aged 18-29 are still undecided on a candidate
  • Digital advertising represents about 20% of political advertising in the U.S.

As the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election quickly approaches, advertisers will continue to face challenges as they navigate the increasingly narrow and complex political advertising landscape. Advertisers must do so diligently, all while cutting through the noise to reach voters on issues that matter most to them. Are you on the right strategic path with your political campaigns?

Join this live webinar to learn how best to leverage targeting and subtle tactics to make your campaign trail a success, including:

  • The trends in political and public policy, and digital media spend this election
  • How to keep voters well-informed while still delivering a positive political ad experience
  • When and how to reach voters with information about the issues that matter most to them

The Speakers

Meredith Hentschel
Solutions Manager

On the newly formed StackAdapt Solutions team, Meredith drives scalable product adoption and business growth across the broader portfolio of client accounts. Meredith acts as a cohesive layer between sales and technical teams to empower clients with unique advertising solutions.


Eli Bardikoff
Sales Director

A veteran member of the Revenue team, Eli oversees one of the core teams of Account Executives who focus on helping existing clients and new prospects get the most out of their investment from StackAdapt—not to mention run high performing campaigns.