The Guide to Programmatic Audio Advertising

There’s no better time than now to embrace audio advertising. There’s been rapid growth in audio content available for streaming, and today’s connected consumer spends over 6 hours per week listening to digital audio.


In this guide, we’ll break down what programmatic audio is, the benefits it can bring for your brand or organization, and how to create your first set of audio ads.

What’s Inside

A breakdown of what programmatic audio advertisements are.

The benefits of using this digital channel for your brand or organization.

How to create your first audio ad.

Best practices with audio to increase engagement.

Building brand awareness for B2B through audio campaigns.

How to include audio in your digital strategy.

Americans Are Spending More Time Listening To Digital Audio

B2B Audio Campaigns Are Effective at Boosting Brand Awareness

The Perfect Channel to Convey Your Brand Personality

Audio Ads Have High Engagement and Recall Rates With Listeners