Evolving Beyond The Crisis: Consumer Trends and Digital Marketing

Consumer engagement online has surged during these unprecedented times. They have developed new shopping habits that are likely to stick around. To find success in the months and years ahead, it is time for marketers to embrace all the new changes.


This report will provide actionable recommendations to help you navigate these shifts and uncover the path to pandemic recovery.

What’s Inside

Trends that have emerged and the historic shift to digital as consumers spend more time with digital media than ever before.

Industry and advertising trends are seeing various changes in digital ad spend growth.

Outlook on consumer trends and the breakout year for connected TV.

Strategic recommendations for targeting, inventory, channel, creative considerations and more.

The Cord-Cutting Trend Continues To Rise

A Shift In Consumer Spending Resulted In A Disruption To Brand Loyalty

Digital Audio Will Continue To Be A Prominent Channel

Leverage Data-Driven Analysis to Inform Your Strategies