A CMO’s Guide to Content Marketing
and Native Advertising

In just a few years, Native advertising has moved from the fringes of digital advertising to the very forefront, buoyed by some stunning KPIs and its strong ability to generate consumer interaction.

Native’s growth is largely attributed to the rise of content marketing. And Native advertising has emerged as a non-interruptive channel to reach consumers because its fundamental premise is to seamlessly integrate sponsored messages in a user’s experience.

Your brand may be exploring the role that Native advertising and storytelling can play in your marketing programs—just as many other brands around the world are. We created this guide to break down the processes for creating content and distributing it through programmatic native advertising.

In the CMO’s Guide you will learn:

  • How content marketing can help your brand build long-lasting and meaningful relationships with customers
  • The elements of storytelling and how to consistently deliver high touch to customers
  • How to sell your stories by leveraging the best channels to distribute your content
  • Why Native advertising and content marketing go hand-in-hand